Superwave Laser Die Welding Machine

Laser mold welding principle:

The operation principle of this laser deposition welding system is a welding skill with high thermal energy and concentrated fixed point. It is useful to deal with all the minor welding and repair work, and make up for the lack of the traditional argon arc welding technique in repairing the precision of welding. The two thresholds of thermal strain and post-treatment are avoided, and the production cycle of mould is saved greatly.

First and foremost: tailor-made for mold, choose common structural design, suitable for the repair of large, medium and small molds.

1. Select the British imported ceramic polyoptical cavity, corrosion resistant, high temperature resistance, the longevity of the cavity (8-10 years), and xenon lamp lives more than 8 million times.

2. Choose the world's leading active shading system, and eliminate the stimulation of the eyes in the operation.

3. The laser head can rotate 360 degree, and the entire optical path can be rolled 360 degrees, and up and down electric lifting, before and after pushing forward, especially suitable for the repair of various large, medium and small molds.

4. The parameter adjustment is controlled by intelligent remote control, and the operation is short and fast.

5. Cast iron production for the operating table, can be electrically operated and raised, and three-dimensional movement.

6. Active adjustment of light spot.

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