Superwave Laser Marking Machine

Laser marking is used to produce symbols, words, patterns and so on in extremely fine light spots, and the spot size can be of micrometer scale. There is a deeper meaning to micro-work or anti-counterfeiting.

70% of the process of making cell phone processing is applied to laser technology and laser manufacturing equipment. Especially in recent years, the development of high power, high-energy ultraviolet marking machine, deep uv and ultra-fast laser processing technology has promoted the development of smart phone manufacturing technology. This has to do with the nature of laser technology and the precision manufacturing of mobile phones. On the one hand, because the laser with high power density, good directivity and outstanding characteristics such as clean, efficient, environmental protection, the trend of the laser processing technology instead of traditional processing technology is increasingly accelerated, its micro processing advantages in laser welding machine, laser marking machine, laser cutting machine has obvious advantages. On the other hand, cell phone processing is the crystallization of a precision manufacturing technology, which requires micro-processing and manufacturing equipment.

Laser perforation is one of the important technology of mobile phone processing. Laser focused spot can gather a wavelength scale, concentrated in a small area of high energy, particularly suitable for processing fine deep hole, the smallest aperture are only a few microns, hole depth and diameter ratio can be greater than 50 microns. The laser perforation can be used in the application of mobile phone, which can be used in the punch of PCB board, shell and antenna punching, headphone perforation, etc., which has the advantages of high efficiency, low cost, small deformation and wide application scope. A mobile phone with a large area focusing on more than 200 parts, its processing and manufacturing technology can be regarded as one of the more difficult manufacturing techniques. In a half refers to slightly a little bit wide, one refers to a bit longer, one cm taller of space, the LPC, camera, LCD, LCD, circuit boards, antenna, etc. More than 200 parts processing, Mosaic, together, to the requirements of the precision is high. Laser technology is an important technology to promote the rapid rise of mobile phone manufacturing in China.