SuperWave Laser Marking Technology In Nameplate Identification

After the product is launched, it is fixed in the product to provide customers with the brand name recognition, brand distinction, product parameter bearing and other information. The nameplate is also called the sign, which is used to record the technical data of the manufacturer and the rated working conditions for the correct use without damaging the equipment. Make a nameplate respectively of metal and non-metallic materials: metals have zinc alloy, copper, iron, aluminum, stainless steel, etc, but mainly in aluminum production is more, as the nameplate processing effect relative to high-grade, durable, no rust.

Each manufacturer has unique information symbols, such as models, specifications, production batches, production dates, etc. In the mass production at the same time also need to tens of thousands of different metal nameplate number, each product has its unique "identity code", and the use of laser marking machine, all this will no longer be the problem. Traditional way marked with the identity of the surface is rough, with laser marking machine can avoid these disadvantages, laser marking contrast is good, smooth surface, high precision, make the product look more better.

Nowadays, laser marking has become a common technique of product identification, and the application scope is becoming more and more extensive. The unique advantages of high speed, fine effect, adaptability and maintenance are the first choice for the laser marking machine.

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