Superwave Laser Mold Welding Machine For Small And Medium Mold Repair-200w Laser Mold Repair Welder


Laser Mould Repair also named industrial mould laser welding machines,laser deposition of welding machines,laser repair welding machine,casting patch machines and so on. It is the use of laser deposition welding system, is specially designed for the mould industry and used in repairing of precision moulds.This technology can also be used to modify the design or size of moulds to reduce the development period.


1.Importing the advanced technology from German, using a unique design of overall structure, suitable for various medium and small moulds repairing.

2. Using the ceramic reflectors that import from UK (200W is ceramic reflector and 300/400W is golden laser reflector). It can resist corrosion and high temperature. Its lifetime up to 8-10 years.The xenon lamp lifetime more than eight million times.

3.It uses the most advanced automatic shading system to protect the eyes when welding.

4. The size of the welding spot can be adjusted by electromotion.

5.It can work 24 hours continuously.



It is mainly use in mould &plastic industry,which adopts laser high energy focusing to effectively process tiny broken parts of moulds.Such as:repairing all kinds of mould cracks,small holes,collapse,sealing edge and other tiny parts.It has irreplaceable advantages while compare with traditional welding like high accuracy rate,high speed,depth,strength,no holes after processing,can polish into shining surface after welding,especially suitable to repair mould which require polish.