Superwave Laser Welding Machine

The laser welding machine, the welding gathering spot is small, the weld width is small, no stomata, the positioning accuracy is high, easy to complete automation. The advantages are as follows:

1. High depth ratio. The weld seam is deep and narrow and the weld is bright and beautiful.

2. Because the power density is high, the melting process is extremely fast, and the heat input is low, the welding speed is fast, the thermal deformation is small, and the thermal influence area is small.

3. High density. In the process of weld formation, the molten pool is constantly mixing and gas escaping, producing a non-stomatal fusion weld. The high cooling speed after welding is easy to make weld tissue micro-refining, and the weld strength, toughness and comprehensive function are high.

4. Strong solid weld. High temperature heat source and purification effect to absorb the non-metal components, impurity content, changing the mixed scale and its spread in the molten pool, without electrode or filler wire welding progress, the fusion zone contaminated small, make the weld strength and toughness is equivalent to or even beyond the base metal.

5. Accurate manipulation. Because the gathering spot is very small, the welding seam can position accurately, the beam is simple to transmit and control, it does not need to replace the welding torch, the nozzle, reduce the auxiliary moment of the stop, the production efficiency is high. The light has no inertia and can stop at high speed and start again. Using the control beam mobile skills can weld the clutter.

6. Non-touching and atmospheric welding. Because the energy comes from the laser, the workpiece has no physical touch, so it is not strongly applied to the workpiece. Magnetism and air have no effect on the laser.

7. Because the average heat input is low and the machining precision is high, the reprocessing cost can be reduced. Together, the cost of laser welding is low, and the cost of the workpiece can be decreased.