SW-FLM Fiber Laser Marking Machine-fiber Laser Marker

Dec 08, 2017
SW-FLM Fiber Laser Marking Machine-fiber Laser Marker

Shenzhen Superwave Laser Technology Co., Ltd is specialized in Laser marking, welding, cutting industry. As a professional laser system manufacturer, Superwave Laser Corporation has devoted to the Solid state laser, which include Lamp pump YAG laser marker; Lamp pump YAG Laser welding system; Semiconductor Side-pump Laser marker; Semiconductor end-pump YVO4 laser marker; Fiber laser marker; Fiber optical laser welding, cutting system. The laser wavelength from Ultraviolet; Infrared; to Far Infrared ; We also make Gas Laser system, such like CO2 laser marker; engraver; and cutting system.

SW-FLM Fiber laser marking machine

The fiber laser markers feature high efficiency in electrical/optical conversion, and wind cooling is employed. The whole system is small in size, with high beam output quality, high reliability, super long service life, and saving energy.The markers are used for fields with higher requirements in depth, smoothness and precision, and they are used to engrave metallic and non-metallic materials, for example, stainless steel decorating parts for handsets, clocks, watches, moulds, ICs, handset buttons, etc. The markers are able to engrave beautiful images on metallic and plastic surfaces.



1.Small size with less power consumption;

2.High speed scanner head;

3.Stable property;

4.Long lifetime:life expectancy is 100,000 hours;

5.No maintenance;

6.Red light preview:show the marking position before marking.



Applicable materials and industries

Applicable to fields with high requirements for depth, smoothness and fineness, for example, clocks, watches, mould and bitmap marking.