SW-LMW Mold Repair Laser Welding Systems

Apr 10, 2018
SW-LMW Mold Repair Laser Welding Systems

Mold Repair Laser Welding Systems

Laser mould welder is mainly use in  mould & plastic industry, which adopts laser high energy focusing to  effectively process some tiny broken parts of moulds. Such as: repairing all  kinds of mould cracks, small holes, collapse, sealing edge and other tiny parts.  It has irreplaceable advantages while compare with traditional welding like high  accuracy rate, high speed, depth, strength, no holes after processing, can  polish into shining surface after welding, especially suitable to repair mould  which requires polish.


1.High single-pulse energy.

2. Long lifetime laser cavity made in U.K

3.High efficiency YAG crystal to ensure the best beam quality and energy.

4. Install a safety shutter to against the Laser emission.

5. Stable laser power supply to ensure the system able to operate in 24hours.

Laser typeYAG pulsed

Max.output  power150W200W300W
Max.pulse  energy80J100J120J
Peak power6KW8KW12KW
Pulse  duration0.3-20ms

Pulse  frequency0.1-30Hz0.1-50Hz0.1-100Hz
Focal  diameter0.1-2.0mm0.1-2.0mm0.2-2.0mm
Cooling  systemExternal water cooling Internal cooling system optional
Vision  system10X Stereo microscope CCD carmer+Display optional
Workbench X axis travel distance:200mm
Y axis travel distance:150mm
Z axis motor drive travel distance:350mm
Loading ability:200kg
XYZMotorized with joystick controller optional
Power  supplyAC220V/1Ph/50HzAC220V/1Ph/50HzAC380V/3Ph/50Hz
Net weight240kg260kg320kg