SW-PFLW80W Laser Welding System For Chain Laser Making Machine-Superwave Laser

SW-PFLW80W Laser Welding system

Fiber optical transmission laser welding machine is a laser welding equipment which couples the high energy laser beams into the optical fiber, after long-distance transmission, then transformed into parallel lights through collimating mirror to  be focused on the work piece to implement the welding.It’s more flexible to implement flexible transmission of non-contact welding for those difficult to weld site. The laser beam can realize the spectrum separation on time and energy, can be multi-beam processing at the same time, for more precise welding provides the conditions.


fiber laser welder.jpg




Laser power


Laser wavelength

Laser source

Lamp pumped

Welding frequency1-10HZ
set energy1-25J
Fiber cable0.3mm / 0.4mm / 0.6mm
Lens focus 80mm / 100mm / 120mm
Rated power


Power supply

AC220V ± 10% 50 / 60HZ

Cooling system

Built-in water cooled

Control System Microcomputer program



1. Can be equipped with a SIRMA 90 ° laser head or straight head.

2.Spot energy distribution is uniform and stable, no towline phenomenon.

3. Can weld 0.19-0.6mm diameter stainless steel, K gold, 925 silver, pure gold chain.

4. Imported British ceramic condenser cavity, anti-corrosion, heat resistant, life (8-10) years, xenon lamp life of more than 800 million times.

5. Non-contact processing, stress free, noiseless, no pollution to the environment, which belongs to the green processing.

6. High laser energy density, small thermal effect area, not easy deformation, less or no subsequent processing.

6. Good quality laser beam, high conversion efficiency, high welding speed.

7. Good welding quality, smooth and beautiful appearance.

8. Solder joints non-pollution, weld strength and toughness at least equivalent to or stronger than the base metal.

9. A variety of input and output signals are very easy to achieve the machine's automated production and assembly line production.



Laser welding can be used in welding stainless steel, aluminum, copper, gold, silver, chromium, nickel, titanium and other metals or alloys, can also be used for a variety of welding between different materials, such as: copper - brass, titanium - gold, Titanium - molybdenum, nickel - copper and so on.


It can be applied to produce various chains, such as single clasp side chain, bismarck chain, curb chain, double chain, cross chain and twist chain.


Welded Chain 3.jpg