SW-SW-H Desktop Laser Spot Welder

Jul 25, 2018
SW-SW-H Desktop Laser Spot Welder

The laser spot welding is an excellent tool for seam, butt and overlap welding of almost all common metals and their alloys. The wide range of tried and tested applications includes stainless steel, gold, silver, platinum and titanium, as well as shape memory alloys. Amongst these are some materials which are difficult, if not impossible, to join with conventional techniques.




By matching the parameters and shape of the laser pulses to each material,the laser generates a minimal heat affected zone, thus meeting the precondition for welding temperature-sensitive components.Another positive effect of the low thermal load of the two parts is, that unwanted modifications of the joint by the welding process can almost always be avoided.



1.Human-based design accords with ergonomics, avoiding fatigue after long time working.

2.It doesn't need to fill the solder, welding fast,the workpieces deformation is small,

3.spot distributed evenly,beautiful appearance.

4. Unique YAG crystal cooling method to improve the beam quality and xenon lamp life time, reducing the use of cost.

5.the startup time is only 20 seconds, supporting software is easy to edit and operate

6. high-performance laser power supply, making a single pulse of high power, low power consumption and not hot when welding.