SW-UV Laser Marking Machine- Shenzhen Superwave Uv Laser System

Shenzhen Superwave Laser Technology Co., Ltd is specialized in Laser marking, welding, cutting industry. As a professional laser system manufacturer, Superwave Laser Corporation has devoted to the Solid state laser, which include Lamp pump YAG laser marker; Lamp pump YAG Laser welding system; Semiconductor Side-pump Laser marker; Semiconductor end-pump YVO4 laser marker; Fiber laser marker; Fiber optical laser welding, cutting system. The laser wavelength from Ultraviolet; Infrared; to Far Infrared ; We also make Gas Laser system, such like CO2 laser marker; engraver; and cutting system.


Ultraviolet laser has less thermal effect by comparing with green laser and infrared laser. Various materials have high absorption rate to alter structure of molecular chain directly by short wavelength laser. UV laser has more obvious advantages especially for materials which are sensible for thermal effect during micro-meter or nanometer level super-fining processing.Dust-proof sealed laser cavity without condensation is designed to avoid damage to expensive optical elements thoroughly and guarantee stable batch production under industrial environment.


● High security

Designing enclosed laser optical path, can effectively prevent the leakage of laser radiation

● High stability

Increase the stimulated oscillation, reduce energy loss, good stability to ensure increased product quality

● High speed

Perfect hardware and software,with high-speed imported galvanometer, the marking speed can up to 7000mm / s, effectively improve production capacity.

● Good beam quality

Due to the small focus spot and the small heat affected area , especially suit for fine and precise marking.

● High performance

It has the characteristics of high photoelectric conversion efficiency, long service life of nonlinear crystal, stable operation of the whole machine, high positioning accuracy, high operation efficiency and no fading of marking.


UV laser are mainly used for marking and surface treatment of circular microchips, thin ceramics, IC crystal particles, glasses, TFT, LED, plasma screens, precise key marks, glass surface marks, silicon wafer marks, PCB processing, flat-panel display production, fine tuning of electronic elements, processing of solar energy battery materials, textiles and thin polymer films, etc.