The Advantage Of Laser Cleaning Machine-superwave Laser Machine

Apr 26, 2018
The Advantage Of Laser Cleaning Machine-superwave Laser Machine

Laser cleaning has obvious advantages,compared with traditional cleaning methods such as mechanical friction cleaning, chemical corrosion cleaning, liquid solid strength impact cleaning and high frequency ultrasonic cleaning etc.

1. Efficient, fast and low cost,

2. Non-damage cleaning;

3. No environmental pollution;

4. Safe and reliable, without compromising the health of operators;

5. can remove coating of various thicknesses and different components 

6. Easy to realize automatic control, realize remote control cleaning, etc

7. No maintenance required.

Laser cleaning method compared with traditional cleaning methods

Contrastive project                

Chemical cleaning                

Mechanical polishing                

Ultrasonic cleaning                

Laser cleaning                

Cleaning method                

Chemical cleaning agent                

Mechanical/sandpaper, contact type                

Cleaning agent, contact type                

Laser, non-contact                

Artifact damage                



No damage                

No damage                

Cleaning efficiency                





Cleaning effect                



good, small scope clean                

Excellent´╝îhigh cleanliness                

Cleaning precision                

uncontrollable, poor accuracy.                

uncontrollable´╝îgeneral accuracy                


Non-specified  scope cleaning                

Accurate and controllable, high precision                



Severe chemical contamination                

 environment Pollution                

No pollution                

No pollution                

Personnel operating                

High requirement for operators and need protection measures.                

Strong physical strength and need safety precautions                

Simple operation, but need to add consumables manually                

Simple operation, handheld or integrated automation.                


Chemical cleaning agent                

Sandpaper, grinding wheel, oil stone and so on.                

Special cleaning fluid                


electricity consume                

Cost input                

Low cost for the first time, high cost of consumables.                

high cost for the first time,high labor cost.                

Low cost for the first time, medium cost for consumables                

high cost for the first time,no consumables, low maintenance cost.