The Application Of Laser Cleaning Machine In Stone Cleaning-Superwave Laser Cleaning Machine

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The method of Laser cleaning 

There are four laser cleaning methods: 1. Laser dry cleaning method, which USES pulse laser direct radiation to decontamination; 2. Laser + liquid membrane method, i.e. first deposit a layer of liquid film on the surface of the substrate and then use laser radiation to decontamination; 3. The method of laser + inert gases, which at the same time of laser radiation, using inert gas to the substrate surface, when the dirt from the surface stripping will immediately be gas blow away from the surface, in order to avoid surface is again pollution and oxidation; 4. After using the laser to loosen the dirt, clean it with non-corrosive chemical method. Currently, the first three methods are commonly used. The fourth method is only found in the cleaning of stone relics.

The benefit analysis of Laser cleaning 

Industry also use laser to regular cleaning of the mould, in order to assure the quality of the product, the following laser cleaning of tyre mould, for example, shows that laser cleaning compared with offline sand blast cleaning and dry ice cleaning equipment economic efficiency. Laser cleaning technology has obvious advantages: clean and fast, low labor intensity, no abrasion, no danger to the operator. However, the first phase of equipment investment was high, reaching $30 ~ $600,000. Therefore, the factory needs to establish a joint investment recovery plan. The typical JET laser system factory can obtain investment recovery within 18 months. The low cost of the vulcanization, low labor cost, low mold wear and low production cost are potential benefits. , for example, a nissan 20000 tire equipment, according to the eight vulcanizing machine (16) average cleaned once a day, assume that each class to clean 3 vulcanizing machine or cleaning every day 9 vulcanizing machine (some factory cleaning twice), removed from the friendship match mechanism for two and a half mold offline cleaning, it will take about 15 h homework and 10 h of downtime, if use laser to two and a half mold cleaning, assignments require 0.3 h and 3 h of downtime, so, cleaning out a vulcanizing machine can save 14 h homework and 7 h downtime. And assumptions, only do 10 times cleaning (5 friendship sulfur machine), 5 times in the mould workshop offline cleaning, use laser cleaning will produce huge rewards: can save 70 hours of homework every day and 35 hours of downtime, then according to the working days, 320 days a year can increase each year 22400 hours and 11200 hours of computer time.