The Application Of Laser Engraving Machine In Packaging Industry-superwave Laser Marking Machine

With the wide application of laser engraving machine, printing plate printing plate has gradually applied laser engraving technology. The most common packaging in the printing and packing industry is corrugated carton packaging. However, corrugated box packaging can be divided into two categories: sales packaging and transportation packaging. Sales packaging generally belongs to the inner packaging, in the sales process to meet with consumers, such as color boxes, white boxes, gift boxes and so on. Transportation packaging generally belongs to the outer packing, basically in the sale process not to meet the consumption meeting, its main function is convenient to store, transport, such as carton, corrugated box and so on.

Due to laser engraving on paper materials plate making cost is low, resin version costs only a quarter, so the current widely used laser engraving on the plate-making printing and packaging industry as a corrugated carton packaging print.

The laser engraving machine implements the engraving in the way of dot, which has a natural advantage in the performance of gray scale. For this purpose, the design of engraving should be used in the form of grayscale representation, which reduces the dyeing process and saves the cost. On the one hand, it enriches the representation of carving and increases the level of graphics.