The Application Of Laser Engraving Machine In Glass Industry-superwave Laser Marking Machine

Laser engraving crafts refer to the laser beam projected onto the surface of the material using high-energy conspiring to make the physical and chemical changes on the surface of the material, thus obtaining the engraving artifacts of the visible pattern.

Laser carving crafts according to the material can be divided into: paper laser carving crafts, cloth art laser carving handicrafts, bamboo laser carving handicraft, leather laser carving handicraft, resin laser carving crafts, glass carving crafts, metal laser carving crafts, jewelry, jade laser carving handicraft.

The main focus is on the sculpture of the laser engraving machine on plexiglass.

The most common in our daily material - acrylic, is actually a kind of organic glass, it is easy to cut and carved in a variety of shapes and sizes, and the cost is relatively low, so the most commonly used in process industry a carving material. Production of organic glass casting way, it produce a frost after laser engraving effect is very white, with the original transparent texture to produce bright contrast, can have very good effect after carving; The organic glass is still transparent after the laser engraving, and there is not a sufficient contrast effect, so it is relatively rare. Therefore, when we buy organic glass, we should pay attention to the high purity of the glass. Otherwise, the organic glass material bought back may melt when carving or cutting.