The Best Choice For Personalized Greeting Card Engraving Is CO2 Laser Marking Machine

Mar 23, 2021
The Best Choice For Personalized Greeting Card Engraving Is CO2 Laser Marking Machine

A greeting card is a kind of heart and a wish. Whether it is small and exquisite or magnificent, the emotions it can contain are the same or similar. Whenever a happy event comes or a blessing is approaching, relatives and friends will always give what they can. The sentiment of is pinned in this greeting card, expressing his best wishes to relatives and friends in a speechless way.

Greeting card is a kind of greeting card for people. People often give each other greeting cards on festive days, including birthday, Christmas, New Year's Day, Spring Festival, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Valentine's Day and other days. The greeting cards are not only exquisite, but also condensed the warm wishes of the cardholders.

personalized greeting card laser engraving

The co2 laser marking machine uses the high energy density characteristics of the laser beam to project on the surface of the greeting card to cut through the greeting card and produce a hollow pattern processing process. Laser engraving of greeting cards has obvious advantages. First of all, it is non-contact processing, no direct impact on the greeting card, so there is no mechanical deformation. Secondly, there is no "tool" wear during the operation of the laser engraving machine, so the card material loss is small, and the product defect rate is extremely low. Moreover, during the laser engraving process, the energy density of the laser beam is high, and the processing speed is fast, which has no or minimal effect on the non-laser-irradiated parts of the greeting card.

The co2 laser marking machine can be mainly applied to the processing of seals, business cards, pictures, gifts, greeting cards and other products. It can perform high-precision motion processing and is a good partner for making exquisite greeting cards. The production of new-generation greeting cards is becoming more and more advanced, and the co2 laser engraving machine is the best choice for personalized processing of greeting cards.

CO2 laser marking machine