The Composition Of Fiber Laser Marking Machine-superwave Fiber Laser Marking Machine

1. Power supply of fiber laser: wangwensheng is the power supply to the fiber laser.


2. Red light binding frame: it is located in the light road, which is used to install the combination mirror and red light indicator.


3. Vibration mirror: the vibrating mirror is usually a digital oscillator with 10mm light spot. Nowadays, most optical fiber marking machines use a digital mirror.


4. Total power control box: if it is portable, it is generally not installed, but if it is made into a larger machine, it will still be beneficial to install one.


5. Fiber laser: that is, the element that produces laser, also is the center of all optical fiber marking machine. There are many brands of domestic and imported brands. At this stage, we have seen many brand import brands: IPG, SPI, manlight, France, QUANTEL laser, etc.


6. Field mirror: also called the flat field aggregation mirror, scanning lens, F- mirror. The primary purpose is to gather the light from the mirror on a plane. When purchasing, pay attention to clarify the scope of marking, and decide according to your own requirements, not blindly.


7. Mirror: also called a mirror. The effect of a combined mirror: used to indicate the path of light. Since the 1064nm laser is invisible, we often need to know where the laser focus is in the actual marking process, and then determine whether the target position is correct.


8, industrial control computer, also can use general computer, about optical fiber marking machine, due to its marking card USB is marking card, so this will also be able to use notebook computer, it is also a function of fiber marking make it portable marking machine one of the important reasons.


9. Optical fiber marking machine cabinet: also called laser marking machine cabinet, laser control cabinet. If a marking machine is compared to a house, then the cabinet is the structure of the house, and all other accessories are installed in the house.


10. Marking card: also called laser control card, laser marking card. See more of the marking card has golden oranges, samlight, century sonny, the xing xing cheng, Taiwan 502 b marking card, etc., he is used to draw the text in the computer and we picture maybe digital signal converted into analog signals, such as, and then to the vibrating mirror inside.


11, the red indicator: also called red pen, used to indicate the light path, as a result of the 1064 nm laser sight, and 650 nm red indicator light is visible, beam after close to 650 nm and 1064 nm light overlap, so 650 nm light indicates where, where is the light of 1064 nm, so to indicate the effect of the light path. The red pencil is in the red - light beam frame.