The Difference Between The Laser Welding And The Traditional Welding On Automobile Industry 3 - Superwave Laser Machine

As a high-technology welding technology, laser welding is generally preferred in the area of body appearance because of the area of high quality of welding quality. If spot welding is selected in these areas, the welding space is limited, and the process layout will be very complicated, resulting in poor welding quality and unable to achieve the desired appearance quality effect.

For example, the body roof area and the back door area, the welding area is very long and long, and there are design requirements for the sealing of the body; The lateral area is because the welding zone is not only long and extremely complicated. The door hole area is because of the welding area is long and flat, the welding space is empty, suitable for the use of laser welding substitute spot welding to lift the sealing effect of the door seal tape.

The large-scale application of laser welding can not only remind the car of aesthetics, improve production efficiency, but also improve the rigidity of the vehicle and improve the safety of the car.


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