The First Manufacturer In Shenzhen To Design A Desktop Spot Welder With Built-in Water Cooling-superwave Laser

Laser Technology is the ideal tool for micro processing of precious metals, its easy to repair kinds of jewelry,diamond mounted,repair diamond claw,strong to weld gold and silver,etc,and Widely used by manufacturers and retailers for repairs & Production.


Our laser spot welding machine use Germany technology with user-friendly operation system  and good design.We are the first manufacturer in shenzhen to design a desktop spot welder with built-in water cooling.It only needs 20 seconds to boot,the laser beam diameter can be as small as 0.1mm micro welding, has 10 years of technical deposition and experience of it.


SW-SW-H100 laser spot welder.jpg 


Using microcomputer-based LED touch screen to do human-computer interaction, intuitive interface,can set 50 sets of parameters,touch screen outside and joystick in working chamber both can set parameters,easy to operate.



Please check our welding video: