The Laser Marks On The Glass-superwave Laser

Glass products are widely used in construction, daily, medical, chemical, household, electronic, instrument, nuclear engineering and other fields. Glass has fragile properties, so it is very high in the process of engraving on the surface of glass products. The laser marking machine is non-contact processing, the processing time is short, the marking line is fine, it is suitable for the glass material surface to carry on the design or the text information mark. Now, the LWB laser marking engineer gives you a few ways to make the laser light on the glass.

Multiple laser radiation method

Using a laser radiation on the glass surface outline obvious mark, a few days after laser extension to the original mark near the outside area formed pieces, again several times with radiation, with marked region adjacent region be heated through heat conduction, making these regional formation stress gradient, thus reducing the secondary breakdown possibility, in this way on the soda-lime glass and boron silicate glass is very effective. Small glass bottles filled with liquid chemicals can be labeled in this way.

The discrete point forms the annular crack method

Use a series of rings to form text, bar codes, squares or rectangular codes and other shapes. In the general use of this method, the CO2 laser marking machine is more and more, the CO2 laser marking machine set a glass to play the parameters of the marking to generate less crack. Ring cracks form in discrete points. The glass produces low density ring cracks through heating and cooling cycles. When the glass is heated, the surrounding material is extruded. When the temperature rises to the temperature of the glass softening point, the glass rapidly expands to form a dome on the surface of a low-density material.

Using CO2 laser marking machine, the merchant can mark fine patterns on the glass surface, the grade of glass.

Crack method of crack surface is developed

Use the process of heat and cold, make the effect of the surface of glass change, this approach is not immediately can see, after a little pressure to produce a turtle shape crack along the laser marking area. Crack surface glass with safety glass sex not only, still can rise to ice to crack the transparent effect, so widely used in interior decoration, such as partition, background wall, also can be used for glass furniture, loved by consumers.

Laser online marking machine for marking glass

The beam of laser to form very fine, to achieve fine marking on glass, any complex text, graphics, images, trademarks, logos, bar code, the qr code, the production batch number, signature, etc., can be done through laser marking machine.