The Process Of Welding Stainless Steel Faucet With Laser Welding Machine-superwave Laser Machine

The faucet is a great fine switch for controlling the flow of water. It has the effect of saving water. Upgrading of faucet very fast, from the old to electroplating knob type cast iron technology development, and development to the single temperature control of stainless steel, in many families today, using stainless steel double WenShuang taps, also presented combined-type kitchen faucet. Today, more and more consumers are choosing the taps, which make the faucet sales more than one year in a year. However, in the production technology of faucet, it is necessary to use welding frequently to make these small parts together. What choice that welding machine is good, I believe many people have know laser welding machine is the best welding equipment, but laser welding machine manufacturers in the market now is very much, said each in its own machine is the best, this is that users don't know who to trust. When you don't know how to pick it up, take a look at our superwave laser welding machine.

Faucet laser welding machine

Operating principle:

The stainless steel faucet laser welding machine is used to weld the objects with high energy pulse laser. After laser power supply of xenon lamp pulse discharge, the form will be frequency and pulse width of the light waves by the condensing cavity radiation to Nd3 + : YAG crystal, crystal shine after resonant sent 1064 nm laser pulse, then through beam expander, reflection, gathered after welding. The equipment is equipped with PLC or the CNC operating table controlled by the industrial PC, and the welding is carried out by high precision welding of laser frequency, pulse width, operating table speed and moving direction.

Equipment advantage:

(1) concave and convex of the cluster point of electric tuned laser: through the manual button on the panel, the concave and convex of the laser can be conveniently used, which makes the laser focus easy and convenient.

(2) the solder joint target positioning function: first can quickly find it directed through the red light to welding the welds to be welded on the roughly azimuth, repass binocular high-expansion expanding investigation microscope accurate alignment of solder joint bearing, the positioning system enables the operator can easily convenient precise welding workpiece end bearing alignment.

(3) the power modulation amplification mirror multiple size.

(4) manually operate the XY mobile operating table, together with the optional electric numerical control active welding function, to complete the rapid and active welding of the goods.

(5) integration, compact size, compact structure, beautiful appearance and flexible and convenient operation.

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