The Reason Why UV Laser Marking Machine More Expensive Than Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Apr 02, 2021
The Reason Why UV Laser Marking Machine More Expensive Than Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Fiber laser marking machines and carbon dioxide laser marking machines on the market are inexpensive, have a long service life, are easy to maintain, and have low environmental requirements. So why is the UV laser marking machine so expensive?


The structure of the ultraviolet laser marking machine and the fiber laser marking machine are the same. It consists of ultraviolet laser, galvanometer, lens, industrial control machine, control card, workbench shell, electronic control device, power supply, red light, foot pedal, Composed of original parts such as a combined surgical mirror, then why is the price of a UV laser marking machine several times that of a fiber laser marking machine?


The optical devices of fiber laser marking machine and ultraviolet laser marking machine are not universal. The wavelength of ultraviolet laser is 355nm, and the wavelength of fiber laser marking device is 1064nm. The technical difficulty is relatively high. The wavelength passing technology of ultraviolet laser is 1064nm. It is several times the price of fiber laser.


Compared with fiber laser marking machine, the coating thickness and material of ultraviolet laser marking machine are different, so it cannot be used universally. The galvanometer and lens of ultraviolet laser marking machine are also more expensive. Of course, there are two conventional galvanometers and lenses on the market. There is little difference in equipment prices, and the main price difference lies in ultraviolet lasers and fiber lasers.

On the other hand, UV laser marking machines have relatively high requirements for the environment, especially water-cooled lasers, which need to maintain a constant temperature, so that the requirements for accessories are relatively high. Ultraviolet laser has a very small focus point and a small processing heat-affected zone. It can be used for ultra-fine marking and special material marking. It is the first choice for customers who require high marking effects. In addition to copper, UV lasers are suitable for processing a wider range of materials. Not only the beam quality is good, the focus point is small, and ultra-fine marking can be realized; the application range is wider; the heat-affected area is small, and there is no thermal effect or material scorching problem. Overall, the price of the UV laser marking machine is relatively high, which is mainly manifested in the high cost of the UV laser and the later labor costs.