The Technical Characteristics Of Laser Welding Of Superwave Laser Machine

Oct 20, 2017
The Technical Characteristics Of Laser Welding Of Superwave Laser Machine
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    1. Real time feedback control, and waveform control, provides ideal conditions for welding.

    2. The combination of the galvanometer scanning head, within the scope of theprocessing can realize spot welding and seam         welding.

    3. The output of the laser, which can realize energy and time spectroscopic spectral and time, there can be at most four                beam of light.

    4. The beginning and the end part of seam welding is done under gradually into the fade out function.

    5. Personalized setting of input and output optical path, make it easier for automation.

    6. Can equip collocation robot, boom, the CCD camera surveillance system, to realizethe special welding, precision                         counterpoint and real-time monitoring.

2. Pulsed laser is mainly used for thin-walled metal materials within 1 m m thickness of spot welding   and seam welding, the welding process is thermal conduction, i.e. the laser radiation heating     surface, again through the internal diffusion, heat transfer to the materials through the control   of laser pulse waveform, the parameters such as width, peak power and repeating frequency, form a   good connection between the artifacts. In the 3 C product shell, lithium battery, electronic       components, mold filling welding and other industries have a large number of applications. The     greatest advantage of pulsed laser welding is that the overall temperature rise of the workpiece   is  small, the thermal influence is small and the workpiece is small.

  Continuous laser welding is mostly high power laser, with power of over 500 watts, and the plate   with more than 1mm should be used. The welding mechanism is based on the deep fusion welding based   on the small hole effect, which can reach more than 5:1. The welding speed is fast and the heat     deformation is small. It is widely used in machinery, automobile, ship and other industries. A     small number of small power continuous lasers, which can be used in plastic welding and laser     brazing, are used in many industries.

3. Welding materials and industrial applications

 Laser welding can be used in titanium, nickel, tin, zinc, copper, aluminum, chromium, niobium,  gold, silver and other metal and its alloy, and steel, kovar alloy, such as alloy welding between  the same material, also can be applied to copper - nickel, nickel titanium, copper, titanium,  titanium molybdenum, brass, copper, mild steel, copper and other welding between the dissimilar  metals. It is also widely used in mobile phone communication, electronic components, glasses clock,  jewelry, hardware products, precision instruments, medical devices, auto parts, craft gifts and  other industries.

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