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The emergence of three-dimensional laser marking machine is a major jump in the field of laser marking, it is no longer limited to the surface shape of the object in the class plane, can be extended to the three-dimensional surface, to achieve high-efficiency three-dimensional surface laser Marking and surface microstructure manufacturing. Compared with the traditional two-dimensional laser marking machine, three-dimensional laser marking machine has the following advantages:


1. larger range and a finer light effect.

3D marking can be divided into pre-focus and post-focus two, the use of pre-focus mode, the main purpose is to achieve a larger marking range, the general use of larger X, Y-axis deflection lens, allowing the laser spot Large, and get a smaller focus spot, the energy density is higher; so as to meet the requirements of the larger regional standards.


2.variable focal length, to achieve three-dimensional marking.

As the 3D marking can quickly change the laser focal length and laser beam position, so the previous 2D can not achieve the surface marking possible. After the use of 3D marking, cylindrical projection in the light projection range can be completed once, greatly improving the processing efficiency. Moreover, the surface shape of many parts of industrial products is not just a plane, 2D marking processing is really powerless, and this time, 3D marking is easier to achieve.


3. suitable for deep carving.

Traditional 2D marking on the surface of the deep shadow of the existence of inherent defects, with the carving process of laser focus on the move, the role of the actual surface of the laser energy will be a sharp decline, seriously affecting the effect of deep carving and efficiency.

3D marking for deep processing, there is no such problem, both to ensure the results, but also enhance the efficiency.

3D laser marking machine for laser marking processing to enhance the scope of application of technology, expanding the surface marking needs.


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Three-dimensional dynamic laser marking machine as the benchmark for the laser industry, Superwave laser has long been studying the 3D marking technology in China's industrialization process in a significant role in promoting the independent research and development of three-dimensional dynamic surface laser marking control