Two Characteristics Of Laser Marking Machine On Plastic Marking

Aug 22, 2018
Two Characteristics Of Laser Marking Machine On Plastic Marking

Plastic laser marking machine, generally refers to carbon dioxide laser marking machine. General laser marking machine in metal and non-metal marking machine is very wide, laser marking machine can be applied to digital, text, trademarks or machine code, such as high information density, in different scales arranged in tight space data matrix code. But you don't know the properties of marking on plastic: let me tell you about two features of a laser marking machine on plastic:

1. Precision marking: the laser is a diode pumped laser with high efficiency. As well as metal marking machine has good focusing ability, so it is very suitable for fine marking. The diode pumped solid-state laser has a high beam quality, which enables the laser beam in the marking process to obtain a small focusing diameter. In this way, the precision marking of track width as small as micron can be achieved on tiny components.

2. Adaptive absorption characteristics: the laser used for marking usually produces radiation in the infrared wavelength range. Green and ultraviolet lasers are for plastics and semiconductors. In the special marking application of laser engraving machine, using UV wavelength, it opens up a new possibility for laser marking on plastics. The short wave length directly reacts with the plastic composite photochemical, without heating, thus not damaging the material. In the plastics industry laser marking machine has now come to an irreplaceable role!

For now, the potential of lasers is far from being realized in plastic marking applications. Laser cutting machine once in that it has some application, but since there is no strengthening development, leading to death, in addition to the benefits mentioned above, three times the frequency of the laser frequency doubling laser and increasingly popularization, and the diversity of the combination of the material and craft, is for the application of laser in the plastic industry develop more new areas. Laser marking machine in plastic marking, in addition to free consumables, pollution-free, but also with fast, good marking effect, strong anti-counterfeiting characteristics, widely welcomed by enterprises.