UV Laser Marking Machine Used In Laser Marking Of Transparent Perfume Bottles

Oct 16, 2020
UV Laser Marking Machine Used In Laser Marking Of Transparent Perfume Bottles

Glass is the most suitable of all perfume materials. It will not react with liquids to cause the scent to change, and it will help to lock the smell of perfume. Traditional hand-engraving or screen printing is directly in contact with the glass surface, while the UV laser marking machine uses non-contact processing, which can mark any opposite surface and the perfume bottle will not be damaged by external force.

glass laser marking

Different national languages, font styles, patterns, and laser marking techniques are all handy. Because the laser marking process is combined with the numerical control system, after drawing on the computer, the perfume bottle laser marking machine can mark the words or patterns you want to say on the bottle, showing inadvertent romance.

glass laser marking2

The laser marking process is formed at one time and the on-site drawing is completed on the spot, which has set off a wave of private custom perfume bottles in the perfume industry. While bringing customers a novel experience, the intelligent marking process adds a lot of shopping to customers. pleasure. Customers can not only mark the perfume bottle with blessings for their relatives and friends, but also get a bottle of exclusive limited edition perfume through laser marking.

glass laser marking.3

As a fast-moving consumer product, perfume will no longer have its original value after the expiration date. The laser marking process can add added value to the perfume bottle, so that the sprayed perfume is worth permanent collection, and even displayed as an ornament. Place, evoke memories with fragrance.

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