Which Laser Marking Machine Is Suitable For PVC Materials?

Aug 22, 2018
Which Laser Marking Machine Is Suitable For PVC Materials?

PVC is a non-crystalline vinyl polymer that has good endurance for oxidants, reductants and strong acids. So at present many occasions use this material to make products, electrical shells, water pipes, industrial accessories. For such a widely used product, it would be a frequent event to engrave a character on its surface.

In general, the words used on the PVC material mark is near infrared laser or far infrared laser, CO2 laser, for example), far-infrared laser marking machine is the most common CO2 laser marking machine, the laser wavelength is 10.6 u, the function of a marking on PVC material with yellow red handwriting, due to the function of the CO2 laser can do a lot, such as the current generic 30 w power marking machine and 50 w power marking machine, so this type of marking machine can marking at very high speed, very suitable for assembly line processing, instead of the less environmental printing ink printing.

But carbon dioxide laser marking on PVC material showed yellow red many times is not so popular, such as optical fiber laser marking machine and near infrared laser and semiconductor laser marking machine, two of them are around 1064 nm wavelength, the wavelength can play mark to black, the black and black ink printing machine, is a kind of colour can let customers receive most, with more and more application of this kind of marking on PVC material.

The wavelength of the optical fiber laser is 1064 nm, it can clear on PVC material, and shows that black, optical fiber laser is considered to be instead of a laser, semiconductor laser best its application prospect in PVC material is also the most anticipated, fiber laser marking machine because of its frequency can reach 80 k, light spot is very small, with little flare galvanometer can reach very high speed, the speed of the marking line can reach or exceed the effect of CO2 laser.