Why Can Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Be Popular In Kitchen And Bathroom Processing Industry

Mar 18, 2021
Why Can Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Be Popular In Kitchen And Bathroom Processing Industry

Among the materials needed for kitchen and bathroom products, stainless steel, aluminum alloy and other metals are among the most widely used.

In numerous kitchen and bathroom products, processing equipment, fiber laser cutting machine won the manufacturer's consistent high praise. Stainless steel kitchen defensible things because of its corrosion-resistant, beautiful and practical and get the extensive favor of the market.

The traditional sheet metal processing method is tedious, time-consuming, high labor cost, can not meet the market demand.

With fiber laser cutting machine, for kitchen and bathroom products manufacturing industry has brought a technological innovation. Laser cutting kitchenware cutting molding stainless steel materials, engraving metal surfaces and so on, all of these functions can be automatically programmed with fiber laser cutting machine cutting. Different from traditional machining methods, fiber laser cutting technology has the advantages of high cutting accuracy, fast cutting speed, smooth cutting end face, no need of secondary processing, and can cut arbitrary shapes.

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At the same time, the processing method of the fiber laser cutting machine saves a lot of costs for the enterprise. On the one hand, laser cutting does not require molds and tools, which greatly saves mold opening costs and tool losses. On the other hand, a traditional processing plant may require 10 people to complete the product within 10 days, while a fiber laser cutting machine may only require 1 person to complete the product within 1 day.

Laser cutting sanitary ware is increasingly pursuing personalized customization in today's era. Fiber laser cutting machine can meet the customization needs of the kitchen and bathroom product market without increasing the high cost, and it can be fast in a short production cycle. Realize mass production after problem-free proofing

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Stainless steel material as an example, its widely used in lampblack machine panel, gas appliance panel and other products. Thickness is generally thin, in the range of 0.7-2mm, this stainless steel plate is suitable for cutting with low power fiber laser cutting machine.

Thick materials, such as pool panels, can be processed with fiber laser cutters with power of 2,000 watts or more. Fiber laser cutting machine fiber laser cutting can cut hollow, power setting hours can be carved. It is the processing artifact of kitchen and bathroom products.

So also got the industry manufacturer's high praise. With the popularization of high-power fiber laser cutting machine, it has been widely used in the batch production of kitchen and bathroom products

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