Why Choose Superwave Laser Technology Co.,Ltd?

Jan 07, 2020
Why Choose Superwave Laser Technology Co.,Ltd?

Pre-sale service

Before you buy,you can send samples to us for free test.After the test,we'll send you the test video and test results,can also send the sample back.So you can know whether our machine is perfect for your products.


Quality assurance

The suppliers we cooperate have:IPG,SPI,JPT,SCANLAB,RAYLASE,SYNRAD,HIWIN,

Panasonic,Schneider Electric,Fuji Electric,Dell,Rofin,Raycus,Max etc.We will provide certificates such as FDA and CE etc.


Customized service

Superwave laser can provide custom-made laser equipments and services according to customer’ specific needs.The machine quality management system has been certified by ISO9001. also conduct a complete set of quality inspections before delivery.


After-sales service

We provide 12 months machine warranty and free lifelong service.We will supply the machine with Training vedio and User's Manual etc in English for installing, operation, maintenance and trouble-shooting, and shall give 24 hours technical guide online service.