YAG Laser Marking Machine Solution-superwave Laser Co2 Laser Marking Machine


Whether the laser cavity changes; Fine tuning resonator lens. Best to make the output light spot;

The output energy of the sound optical crystal offset or the optical power supply is low; Adjust the position of the sound optical crystal or increase the working current of the sound power supply;

The laser deviation center of the vibrating mirror: adjust the laser;

If the current is adjusted to about 20A, the light is still not enough: krypton is ageing and new lamps are replaced.

Failure 2: krypton lamp cannot be triggered (refer to NTP power supply manual)


Check all power connections;

The krypton lamp is old and the krypton lamp is replaced.

Operation light pump YAG laser marking machine precautions

It is forbidden to activate laser power and Q power supply without water or water circulation.

Do not allow the power supply of Q power (i.e.

In the case of abnormal phenomenon, first turn off the vibrating mirror switch and key switch, and then check again;   

No other components are allowed to be started before the krypton lamp is lit, in case of high pressure to tamper with the damaged components;

Pay attention to the laser power output terminal (anode) to prevent fire and breakdown with other electrical appliances;

Keep the inner water clean. Clean the water tank regularly and clean off the water or water.